South Shore Road Advisory Committee:

South Shore Road Update

From: Tom G. Ballard, Interim Public Works Director
Date: 5/13/10 13:38
Subject: South Shore Road

Good morning - I am sorry this report has been so long in the making...

Several site visits have been made by Skagit County Public Works staff and consultants to review the drainage concerns along the road. The issues identified include cracked or failing cross culverts, cascading water directly onto bluff, and in some locations a lack of conveyance.

Item 1 @ Milepost 0.23 - Replace culvert under South Beach Lane with interceptor trench drain. This will capture the sheet flow and convey it into the drainage ditch running adjacent to the northen lane of South Shore Rd.

• STATUS: Interceptor trench drain scheduled for installation this summer.

Item 2 @ Milepost 0.30 - Regrade shoulder to allow surface water to access drainage ditch, install 18”-24” corrugated polyethylene pipe with flex pipe and dissipation.

• COST: $1000
• STATUS: Complete – Ditch grade surveyed and verified slope to the West. Grader blade used to shave shoulder down so run-off from road can drain to ditch.

Item 3 @ Milepost 0.46 - Install approximately 150’ of asphalt berm along Southern edge of roadway. Replace existing concrete pipe with plastic pipe and fastened flex pipe to convey water down side of bluff. Install dissipator at bottom to prevent scour along beach.

• COST ESTIMATE: $75,000
• STATUS: Aspalt berm installation expected to take place this summer.

Environmental documents and permitting for flex pipe and dissipater scheduled to begin this winter when approved and added to the road construction program. Board will consider staff recommendation this June.

Item 4 @ Milepost 0.54 - Replace concrete culvert or patch seal with grout. Existing flow path along face of bluff consists of rip-rap.

• STATUS: Patch seal with grout expected to take place this summer.

Item 5 @ Milepost 0.60 - Level with asphalt section of roadway so road run-off drains to the North. Increase ditch conveyance and access culvert size. Asphalt berm may need to be installed in places to direct run-off.

• STATUS: Asphalt leveling to take place this summer. County maintenance crews will continue to monitor the culvert and make a determination on sizing.

Item 6 @ Milepost 1.39 - Cap or remove 12” pipe to keep drainage in the Northern roadside ditch and flow into Cayou Creek. Install culvert to route Southern roadside drainage to the North where it can also drain into Cayou Creek or install a catch basin with flex pipe and dissipation.

• COST: $600
• STATUS: Completed – Cross culvert capped. Quarry spalls placed in ditch to the South to dissipate remaining water down the bluff.

Since the road is so old it has been difficult to flush out all the road right of way records so the County will be retaining the services of a professional land surveyor (PLS) to assist in determining what documentation the County has regarding the right of way and to assist in identifying where the right of way is in relationship to the actual road.

Finally, staff is developing a recommendation on how the road could be modified to allow for one lane - two-way traffic. The preliminary recommendation is being reviewed by department staff and will be modified in the next week or so. When completed the plan will be presented to each of the Commissioners for their comment. At that point any final proposal would be presented to the community for their review and comments. If acceptable, the Board would need to take formal action to implement the agreed upon recommendations.

I hope this report helps bring everyone back up to speed on where we are with South Shore Road.

Thanks to all.

Tom Ballard
Interim Public Works Director

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dennis koger: 5:04pm - 5/18/10
Great plan, there's 99.9% good road left. I wish you, (and me) good luck!
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