South Shore Road Advisory Committee:

South Shore Road Advisory Committee Minutes, October 14, 2009

South Shore Road Advisory Committee

Minutes from October 14, 2009

The South Shore Road Advisory Committee (SSRAC) met Wednesday at the Church at 4:30. Attending were Win Anderson, Anne Casperson, Darcy Daniells, Paula Dekker, Roz Glasser, Tony Maggi, Jim Nichol, Bruce Rooney, Sally Smith, Edith Walden, and Dennis Wyatt. Absent were David McKibben and Carl Meinzinger.

Jim Nichol led the meeting. The meeting notes from the meeting with Tom Ballard and staff were approved.

There was a brief summary of the meeting with Tom Ballard, Interim Director of Public Works, and some of his staff with five members of the SSRAC September 28. Tom had read the entire report (nearly 175 pages) and was prepared with questions. He came to Guemes Island with Given Kutz on October 7 and walked the entire length of South Shore Road to observe the trouble spots. The two were alarmed at the further deterioration of the road: sealed cracks opening, new cracks spreading north, and further sloughing and slumping. Tom will request further examination by a risk assessor and may need to temporarily close the road until safe passage is provided.

Tom asked the SSRAC to prioritize a list of recommendations he pulled from the report so he can advise the Board of Commissioners. After a thorough discussion members reached consensus as follows.

The overriding concern for the SSRAC is to implement a permanent solution. Thus, beginning the road establishment process to determine the alignment of a new county road to move the west end of South Shore Road inland between Guemes Island Road and Glencoe Lane would, under normal circumstances, be our highest priority. 

However, given the tenuous situation with a rapidly deteriorating South Shore Road that may require closure, our top priority is to raise the elevation of Edens Road to allow the road to be passable during flooding and to convert one-way road operation to two-way operation wherever possible within the existing pavement. If South Shore Road must be closed at any point, Edens Road will become the sole access to a large number of residences, and the remaining open portions of South Shore Road will likewise become the only access to properties. We fully endorse Tom Ballard’s directive to document the existing rights-of way along South Shore Road and the proposed inland alignment.

Our third priority is road preservation. We again request that a drainage study along South Shore Road be conducted and recommendations be implemented to prevent further unnecessary erosion. We also request that the weight limits be enforced and that all unnecessary heavy traffic be prohibited on South Shore Road. Members expressed some trepidation about opening the road to two-way traffic because it will increase the daily weight load on the road.

Our fourth priority is safety. Installing roadside barriers or markers to warn of the bluff drop-off and additional traffic signs could help prevent accidental disaster.

The list will be sent to Tom along with our appreciation for his responsiveness and attention.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Edith Walden

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