South Shore Road Advisory Committee:

South Shore Road Advisory Committee Minutes, September 28, 2009

South Shore Road Advisory Committee
Meeting Notes September 28, 2009
With Tom Ballard and Staff

Representatives from the South Shore Road Advisory Committee (Paula Dekker, Roz Glasser, Jim Nichol, Bruce Rooney, and Edith Walden) met Monday in Mt. Vernon for nearly two hours with Tom Ballard, Interim Public Works Director, and Ann Marie Gutwein, Forrest Jones, and Given Kutz, Public Works staff, to discuss the report submitted by the full committee to the Skagit County Public Works Department.

Tom had read the entire report and expressed his admiration for the quality and quantity of the work. Tom will remain Interim Director until a new Director is chosen. The applicant deadline is September 28th and Tom will be involved in the interview process.

Committee members answered a number of questions for Tom, who again expressed his desire to open South Shore Road to two-way traffic as soon as possible. He indicated a desire to come to Guemes Island to view the road.* A wide-ranging discussion followed, outlining concerns and complications with the undertaking to improve and move the road.

Tom requested that the committee remain intact and proposed that he put together a list of action items that could be accomplished quickly. That list has been submitted. He asked that the committee prioritize the list so that he could present it to the Board of Commissioners. Committee members requested that Public Works report progress and issues on a quarterly basis. They also emphasized the need for proper drainage along South Shore Road.

Tom requested that documentation of existing county rights-of-way along South Shore Road and the inland corridor be implemented immediately.

*Tom Ballard and Given Kutz toured Edens and South Shore Roads on October 7th with Win Anderson, Roz Glasser, Bruce Rooney, Edith Walden, and Dennis Wyatt to identify problem areas and possible solutions for returning traffic to two-way. Tom will have a list of proposals within two weeks.

The committee will meet to discuss and prioritize the action list on October 14 at 4:30 at the Guemes Island Community Church.

Submitted by Edith Walden

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