South Shore Road Advisory Committee:

South Shore Road Advisory Committee Minutes, August 26, 2009

The South Shore Road Advisory Committee (SSRAC) met Wednesday at the Church at 4:30. Attending were Win Anderson, Anne Casperson, Darcy Daniells, Paula Dekker, Roz Glasser, Tony Maggi, Jim Nichol, Bruce Rooney, Sally Smith, and Edith Walden. Absent were Marc Caputo, Susan Ferrell, David McKibben, Carl Meinzinger, and Dennis Wyatt.

Jim Nichol led the meeting. The minutes and the July 26 meeting summary were approved.

Copies of the final draft of the committee’s recommendations were distributed. Thanks to Meghan MacMullen at Public Works for copying and collating the large report. Thanks were also expressed to Tony Maggi for his graphics work.

The committee reviewed the peer review of the Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation
submitted by Scott Magorien. Scott, an island resident, is an engineering geologist, licensed in California and Washington and had contacted the committee to offer his services. He very generously volunteered to do a pro bono peer review of the GeoTest report. A letter expressing the committee’s appreciation will be sent to Scott.

Roz Glasser had prepared a draft of additional comments to be added throughout the committee’s report to refer to the remarks made in the peer review.

Members discussed the final draft and made editing suggestions. The final report will be ready for the next meeting, September 9. Members will be asked to vote for approval. A discussion about members who do not attend meetings and have not resigned, as requested at the June 3 meeting, resulted in a decision that any member who has not attended the previous two meetings and misses the next meeting will be dropped from the roster.

It was noted that South Shore Road is on the agenda for the County Commissioners meeting August 30, from 1:30-3:30 at the Community Hall.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Edith Walden

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