South Shore Road Advisory Committee:

South Shore Road Advisory Committee Minutes, June 16, 2010

South Shore Road Advisory Committee

Minutes from June 16, 2010

The South Shore Road Advisory Committee (SSRAC) met Wednesday at the Church at 4:30. Attending were Win Anderson, Darcy Daniells, Paula Dekker, Roz Glasser, Tony Maggi, Jim Nichol, Bruce Rooney, Sally Smith, Edith Walden, and Dennis Wyatt. Absent were Anne Casperson, David McKibben and Carl Meinzinger. Susie Fox attended as a guest.

Jim Nichol led the meeting. Members reviewed the signing and striping proposal for returning South Shore Road to two-way, one-lane traffic that was submitted by the Skagit County Public Works Department with a request for comments.

Members voted unanimously to accept the proposal with the following recommendations for additional signage:

1. At every point marked on the map with red hatch marks that indicates severe erosion (less than 12 feet from the south road edge), mark the road edge with reflective striping and post signs noting the dangerous edge so that cyclists and pedestrians will be warned about being too close to the edge of the road. This seems especially important since the bike/pedestrian lane will no longer exist. Please note that some portions of the road are completely undercut by erosion of the underlying bank.

2. Add 25 mile speed limit signs at the start of the road by the ferry dock and prior to the S curve (both directions).

3. Please note that the existing bollards are frequently and deliberately run over. A number of them have been completely broken off and not replaced. We expect this behavior to continue. We recommend that sturdier or more permanent bollards be used and that the line that would be delineated by bollards be striped on the pavement, similar to how it’s done to mark the beginning of the ferry holding line on Guemes Island Road. This keeps the start and end of one-lane traffic marked even if the bollards disappear.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Edith Walden

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