South Shore Road Advisory Committee:
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Who Is This South Shore Road Committee?

As anyone who has walked the beach along South Shore Road can attest, the road is caving under at numerous spots. Those who walk the road can see the many fissures and cracks along both lanes. Due to the extreme existing danger and the further deterioration that traffic causes, Skagit County made the road one-way westbound late last year. This temporary step was necessary to try to stall the complete collapse of the road before a more permanent solution can be found. There appear to be no easy fixes. Shoreline management requirements, the absence of right-of-ways, property-owner resistance, and lack of funding sources severely complicate the dilemma.

On January 13, Skagit County Public Works hosted a kick-off meeting to convene members of the South Shore Road Advisory Committee (SSRAC). The committee is tasked with developing short-term and long-term recommendations to address the issues surrounding the degrading South Shore Road and the impacts to detour routes.

Ann Marie Gutwein, Forrest Jones, and Torey Nelson represented Public Works. More people attended the meeting than could efficiently work on a committee. Fifteen people were selected to join the committee: Win Anderson, Marc Caputo, Darcy Daniells, Paula Dekker, Susan Ferrell, Roz Glasser, Toni Maggi, Carl Meinzinger, Jim Nichol, Jon Prescott, Bruce Rooney, Sally Smith, Connie Snell, Edith Walden, and Dennis Wyatt. Roz Glasser represents the Guemes Island Property Owners Association (GIPOA) and two representatives from Holiday Hideaway have been invited to attend. Jim Nichol was selected to be the facilitator. The committee meets every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00, currently at the church until the Community Hall is available. SSRAC will be evaluating all available information and seeking input from individuals and groups throughout its process. The meetings are open to the public, but comments and questions from visitors will be taken only during the last 15 minutes of regular meetings.

Minutes of meetings will be posted regularly on LineTime and at the Guemes Island Library. People who want to express concerns or offer solutions are encouraged to contact Jim Nichol, who is the facilitator and spokesperson of the group (

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